Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fish for supper!

Jimmy and I arrived at Elinor Trout lake at 7.15 yesterday morning. It was a mild morning and still dark when we arrived. There was no wind and not a single ripple on the water.

As before I watched in awe as Jimmy seemed to cast his fly with absolute ease. We could see the fish through the water for most of the day and several times the fish showed themselves at the surface in front of us as if to say 'catch me if you can!' Each time a fish showed itself Jimmy was able to cast with great accuracy right to the spot where he saw the fish, something I hope I will soon be able to do with more casting practice!

I had a 'frustrating' day trying every fly in the box before finally catching a rather nice rainbow trout at around half past 2 in the afternoon! Jimmy caught 2 and a few other people managed to catch a few but there were a lot of people who blanked. We all agreed that it was a very difficult day fishing and for some, a disappointing end to their season. I was secretly pleased that although Jimmy caught 2 while I only caught 1, mine was bigger than his!
Jimmy let me keep all three again (isn't it great having a fishing buddy who can't eat fish!!?) and I filleted them as soon as I got home. My filleting skills are improving lots with all the practice and these are the best fillets I've done!
Amelia, my 4 year old daughter, was this time keen to help me to gut the fish. Happy that she has a better understanding of where her food comes from and how it ends up on her plate I gently encouraged her when she realised what was involved! She was a great help and today helped me to prepare 3 of the fillets for dinner. She dipped them in egg and then rolled them in fresh bread crumbs with lemon pepper and we left them in the fridge for a couple of hours. We then had them very simply with chips and peas after baking them for 10 minutes in the oven. Yum yum!

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