Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Visit from Bedford

Today my mum, nan and Grandad came to visit us from Bedford. It was nice to see them and the girls enjoyed seeing their grandma and great grandparents. They brought with them lots of presents from the family in Bedford which are now under the tree waiting for Christmas morning, very kind of everyone - who ever said it was better to give than to receive?!! I disagree, I love receiving! Ho ho!!! I set up the camera on the timer, a feature I don't often use, and we have these pictures of their visit!

While they were here visiting my next door neighbour came to the door so after they left I went round to see him. Guess what - He's taking me fishing for trout tomorrow morning!! I can't wait! I hope I catch one! If not I'll just treat it as casting practice! I'll take the camera just incase and will hopefully have pictures of fish caught ready to blog! Wish me luck!

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