Monday, 15 December 2008

35mm Slide Converter

My Grandfather has a huge collection of old 35mm slides. When I say huge, I'm talking thousands of the things! All carefully stored in order. He knows exactly where they all are and can locate a particular slide out of his thousands with ease - quite remarkable! Anyway, he is concerned that when he passes, none of the family will want his huge collection of slides and so he started looking at ways to transfer them to a digital media so that each family member can have perhaps a disc with the pictures of their immediate family rather than a box full of slides. What he found was this clever little machine which is capable of scanning your 35mm slides and your 35mm negatives and converting them into a digital format (jpeg)

So anyway, a few months ago he gave the machine to me along with 100 slides of pictures of me and my siblings when we where young children. I was absolutely amazed at how clever this technology is! I don't normally get terribly excited about gadgets but this was something else! To actually see this tiny little slide be transformed into a big picture on my computer screen in an instant was impressive! I even went rummaging for some negatives to try and was just as impressed!

My grandad then spoke to his brother, my Great Uncle Peter and told him about this machine and the fact that I was transferring his slides for him. Immediately the cogs in Gt Uncle Peters head started turning and the next thing I know there was an email asking me if I could transfer his as well.

And that is what brings me to this seemingly random blog entry - I have just finished scanning his slides for him today and thought I'd come on here and recommend the machine to anyone who has a collection of slides that need converting. Its simple to use, quick (once you get the hang of loading the slide tray the right way round!) and the results are very impressive as you can see.

So, if you decide you want one of these handy little machines to convert your slides or negatives, I would definately recommend the veho VFS-001 5 mega pixel high resolution scanner!

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