Sunday, 21 December 2008

Amelia's day out with Grandad.

A short while ago my dad promised Amelia that he would take her to see Santa. Yesterday that day arrived! Dad picked her up around midday and we put her booster seat into his car. Off they went to Kettering. First stop was the supermarket to buy the ingredients for their dinner! Then after dropping the shopping off at home they went to Wickstead park.

Grandad took Amelia on the Train first before queuing for an hour to see Santa! When they finally got to the front of the queue Amelia announced that she didn't want to see Santa! A bit of gentle persuasion from the elf and her Grandad and Amelia nervously went in! Grandad had to sit next to Santa (I bet he loved that) to show Amelia that it was ok! She was eventually brave enough to go close enough for a photo but she doesn't look comfortable!

Amelia got a present from Santa which she has brought home to open on Christmas day, and she also spotted her favorite - CANDY FLOSS!!!! Grandad bought her a big bag of the stuff which made her day!!

After their trip to Wickstead Park they went home to cook dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese, one of Amelia's favourites! Amelia helped grandad to cook using the ingrediants they bought earlier and while it was simmering she went off to the living room for a Guitar lesson with Grandads friend, Pete.

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