Monday, 15 December 2008

Learning to fish..

I was talking to my next door Neighbour earlier and found out in conversation that he's a Warden at a reservoir near to where I live and is a keen fly fisherman.. I went to his house for a coffee and he showed me his tackle and fly tying bench. He has agreed to teach me to fish with my first lesson being a casting lesson tomorrow or Wednesday! I can't wait! I've wanted to learn for 2 years now and had no idea my neighbour was a fisherman! I'm so excited I just had to come on and blog it! Haha! So hopefully in the spring/summer I will be able to show pictures of me catching fish!!


  1. Amazing how sometimes the very thing we are looking for is already so close. Good luck with the lesson and hope you catch something good!

  2. Indeed, what are the chances of him living next door! Thanks for the kind words, I look forward to posting pictures of my first fish in the not too distant future!