Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Bank Holiday

We are having a very lazy day here at number 9 today. Amelia has watched around three movies which is doing my head in.. Why do girls have to like musicals so much?!!!!

I know a way to get her attention though. I decided to tie some flies this afternoon ready for the next fishing trip and as always, Amelia wanted to have a go. It's great that she's interested and I gently encourage her, she hasn't been fishing yet but now the weather is warming up she will be able to come out with me on the boat.

Friday, 10 April 2009

I left the house at 7 o'clock this morning and jumped in my van for the 15 minute drive to Eyebrook Reservoir. Jimmy and I bought our fishing tickets, paid for the boat and booked ourselves in. A quick coffee in the fishing lodge and then out we went to tackle up and load the boat. The weather was overcast but calm, a very nice morning in fact - especially considering we nearly didn't go due to the weather forecast...
We had to wait until half past 8 before boats were allowed out and we were the first to leave! Jimmy knew exactly where to take us...
We arrived at our fishing spot and dropped the anchor. I started with a Diawl Bach while Jimmy started with a Buzzer. We both caught our first fish at the same time, within 10 minutes of dropping anchor! It wasn't long before I had another and Jimmy had another 2!
The fish seemed to stop feeding for a while after that before picking up again an hour or so later. It rained on and off during the day but nothing too bad - at least the wind stayed down! In all Jimmy caught 8 fish and I caught 6. I lost 2 fish that managed to spit the hook out as I was bringing them in and I also missed quite a few pulls... Jimmy also missed a few. 4 of mine were caught on Diawl Back with 2 being caught on bloodworm. Jimmy's were caught on Diawl Bach, and buzzers.

At around half past 4 we hadn't caught any fish for an hour or so and it was starting to rain heavily so we headed back to the lodge. We both had a great day and I was impressed with my first visit to Eyebrook Reservoir. I hope to catch many more fish there in the future but one things for sure, if I'm to continue boat fishing I need to invest in a boat seat with a backrest!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

My pallet wood workbench.

Last week my dad kindly gave me a number of wooden pallets so that I could use the wood from them. I have several projects which I need wood for including the edging for my veggie patch, a chicken coop and I also need to fix my gate which the wood will be useful for. The first thing I have built though is a workbench. I should really have sanded down each plank before I started but I'm too lazy!! I quickly sanded down the edges only and then got the box of screws out!

First I made the legs and screwed the sides onto them. I reused the blocks from the pallets as well to give the legs some strength.

I then selected planks of the same thickness to use for the top. I screwed them on using four screws for each plank - two at each end. Rather than drilling pilot holes I gently tapped the screw into the wood with a hammer before screwing it in the rest of the way. I also added at this stage a plank at each end between the legs for added support.
Once all of the top planks were secure I simply measured the width and marked a line down each side leaving a 5 inch overhang on either side. I then cut along the lines removing the ends to leave me with nice straight edges.
Next, I screwed three planks on the leg supports going the length of the table. This adds more rigidity at the same time as providing a ledge for my toolbox!
And that's it, my free workbench all finished. It took me a few hours but you could do it quicker if you have a cordless screwdriver.. I don't own one so had to do it the old fashioned way screwing each screw into the wood by hand.