Tuesday, 16 December 2008


True to his word, my neighbour knocked on my door today with a handful of rods. The field infront of my house is perfect for practicing casting and he spend a while out in the cold showing me how it is done before watching me make a mess of it all! We managed to snap one of his rods (thankfully when he was casting not when I was!) but I soon started to get the hang of it. At least I have a few months to practise in time for next years fishing season! If I am half as good at it by then as he is then I should catch some fish! He makes it look so easy!
Once I had tried the rods out I went back to the one I got on with best and had a bit of practice, then as we packed up to go back in for a coffee my neighbour gave me the rod and said I can keep it to start me off!!! What a very kind man! I am so grateful and can't wait to get out and use it properly!

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