Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas tree oh Christmas tree.....

The Christmas tree is up at Number 9! My daughter Amelia loved decorating it with her mum, and my younger daughter Hermione enjoyed taking the decorations back off the tree as quickly as they could get them on!!

It took around an hour to decorate the tree including the lights, tinsel and all the baubles.. We even put on some Christmas music whilst we did it which the girls really enjoyed! It was a bit difficult to get a good photo with the bright light from outside shining straight into my camera lens and I'm too lazy to close the curtains so will take a picture of the girls next to the tree later this evening!

We also had the joy of watching Amelia in her first ever Nativity play at Nursery! It wasn't really a play, but the children were all dressed up while the teacher told the Nativity story and the children all sang various songs as the story went along. It was very enjoyable and all of the children had great big smiles on thier faces which was nice to see! None got stage fright and none of them cried for their parents!

Amelia gives the 'thumbs up' after the performance!

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