Sunday, 27 June 2010

Yay, I posted a picture!

Ok, so I finally got that right! Turns out to be very simple, I was just being stupid! Can't seem to figure out how to post several pictures at a time from my phone though so will have to settle with making individual posts for individual photos until I get a new computer sorted....

Around Chistmas time I discovered the joys of homebrew. I started off with making some ales using kits and then decided to try a few different wine kits. My plan was to get to understand the process before having a go at a full mash beer made completely from scratch and indeed, to make wine from scratch also. But, it turns out the kits are very very good. Not only are they great fun to make, but taste excellent and work out to be very cheap. The wine works out around £1 per bottle compared to the £5 or so that you pay in the shop and the beer turns out at around 35p per pint compared to £3 per pint in the pub!!! Madness, why are more people not making their own booze?!
I recently bottled 40 pints of lager which I made using a Morgan's 'Blue Mountain' lager kit. I am looking forward to trying it when it has matured some and will of course let you all know how it tastes! Once I bottled it all I realized 40 pint bottles take up a lot of space, therefore I decided to make myself a beer crate that looks like those old wooden beer crates you sometimes see in auction rooms. I used wood that I salvaged from a wooden shipping pallet and purposely left some nails protruding which I then bent over with the hammer to give that 'old' look! Anyway, it does the job at least, holding 20 of my 40 pint bottles. Now to make another for the remaining bottles!!

Pictures to follow..

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