Monday, 28 June 2010

I've just been to the fire section at work to use their hydrant to
fill my truck and thought some might like to see one of the airfield
fire trucks that they use... Ok, so actually I just like posting from
my iPhone now I figured out how!! Any excuse to post something now!


  1. It's an interesting fire truck Jimmy.. Looks pretty big!
    Enjoyed the pics of your garden, beautiful daughter, home brew bottling and the canoe too..
    The canoe looks like a work of art.. nice craftmanship!

  2. Thank you, the fire truck is indeed very big! Lol. Both of my canoes are real beauties, unfortunately I did not build them. I hope to build one in the future when I arrange a place to build it! The man I bought them from is a real craftman, he also made the paddles himself and carves his own longbow's for archery.