Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Making progress...

We have lived here at Number 9 for over 3 years now and I thought it was about time we put the back garden to use. We have a garden to the side of our house which we have always used as a back garden, for BBQ's for example. However, there is limited privacy which the back garden will give us, and, there is enough space to grow our own vegetables. It has been hard work but I am making good progress now and am lucky to have good friends who have been willing to come round and help me dig!

This is how the garden looked a few months ago (and how it has looked for the last 3 years!)

Getting started...

Adam lends a helping hand!

Starting to take shape!

I have lots of pictures taken along the way but too many to post them all. These pictures were taken yesterday and show how far the garden has come! I have fixed the fence, dug a veggie patch - Garlic, Onions, Potato's, Broad Beans are in already. I bought ten strawberry plants for Amelia which are also in. Overall I'm very pleased but still have lots to do!!

The Rosemary bush that Adam kindly gave to me.

The Strawberry plants.

So there it is, nearly finished! I would like to say thank you to Adam, Keith, Parsie, and Joy who have all helped me at various stages!


  1. Your welcome matey and it's looking good. Carry on the good work. Did you plant all those spuds if not put some more in now... Think about early peas, beetroot and beans ie. french. I've not had any success with those broad beans yet how about you??
    Ok, love to all and hope to see you again soon,

    Love Joy and Parsie xx

  2. Thanks guys, all the spuds went in together yes. Nothing coming up from the beans yet, perhaps they were no good?

    Hope you are well, you are welcome anytime.

  3. Great looking garden plot, I'm also enjoying your blog. Very nice!


  4. Thank you Jeanie, glad you like it :)

  5. i forgot about this mate, god, i look soooo fat back then and its only a year or so! we should go back sometime and see what it looks like you remember how sunburnt we got one day after sitting there admiring it drinking beer! good times!

  6. I remember the sunburn, man did it hurt!! They were good times mate, we should all meet for a beer at the pheasant! Me, you, sergio, becky etc!!! Would be a trip down memory lane!