Friday, 10 April 2009

I left the house at 7 o'clock this morning and jumped in my van for the 15 minute drive to Eyebrook Reservoir. Jimmy and I bought our fishing tickets, paid for the boat and booked ourselves in. A quick coffee in the fishing lodge and then out we went to tackle up and load the boat. The weather was overcast but calm, a very nice morning in fact - especially considering we nearly didn't go due to the weather forecast...
We had to wait until half past 8 before boats were allowed out and we were the first to leave! Jimmy knew exactly where to take us...
We arrived at our fishing spot and dropped the anchor. I started with a Diawl Bach while Jimmy started with a Buzzer. We both caught our first fish at the same time, within 10 minutes of dropping anchor! It wasn't long before I had another and Jimmy had another 2!
The fish seemed to stop feeding for a while after that before picking up again an hour or so later. It rained on and off during the day but nothing too bad - at least the wind stayed down! In all Jimmy caught 8 fish and I caught 6. I lost 2 fish that managed to spit the hook out as I was bringing them in and I also missed quite a few pulls... Jimmy also missed a few. 4 of mine were caught on Diawl Back with 2 being caught on bloodworm. Jimmy's were caught on Diawl Bach, and buzzers.

At around half past 4 we hadn't caught any fish for an hour or so and it was starting to rain heavily so we headed back to the lodge. We both had a great day and I was impressed with my first visit to Eyebrook Reservoir. I hope to catch many more fish there in the future but one things for sure, if I'm to continue boat fishing I need to invest in a boat seat with a backrest!

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